Modern life is very stressful and our caveman-like minds and bodies haven’t learnt to turn down the flight-or-flight response to every-day stresses such as social media notification, what to cook for dinner or how your boss is treating you!  This all leads to stress building up in our minds and our bodies.

Us men have also not been very good at processing this emotional responses, and tend to keep it locked in, unsure how to release the tensions that daily life leave us with.

I have been meditating for a number of years now, and know first hand that it is a great tool for relieving stress, for calming our busy minds and connecting with the real ‘you’. And there is lots of scientific research agreeing that regular mediation can help your health in a number of ways. (If your interested here is a very well referenced page on 20 reasons that meditation is great for you!

So we have created a safe space, where a man can give himself one hour to clear his thoughts, reboot and wipe the slate clean ready to start afresh. We will explore different meditation techniques and styles and share our experiences of meditating together. The last Thursday of every month, from 7-8pm, here at The Chamomile Clinic in Margate.

The goal is simple: learn to sit, breathe and allow your heart to take control of you. to sit with other men and just be yourself, your ‘real’ self. And, after all, that’s what we all really want, isn’t it?

To book your space at the mens meditation group, go here.

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