How many years have you been making the same resolutions? To get fitter, loose weight, give up smoking, cut down on drink, meditate more, be more adventurous? And perhaps, unwittingly, you will fail again, and it will be utterly beyond your conscious control. Trying to change ourselves can feel like climbing a mountain where the peak just keeps getting further away with every step. Most of us have something we want to change about ourselves, so why don’t we just do it.  It is all down to our subconscious behaviour programming, the part of our brain that controls our behavioural patterns is really hard to reach using conscious thought processes, because it is subconscious.

How to change for good

There have been many tried and tested methods to help people to change their negative behaviour patterns. Neuro-linguistic programming, cognitive behavioural therapy, emotional freedom technique, positive psychology are a few of the more popular methods and I’ve tried them all. To this day my favourite is still Hypnotherapy, because in its simplest form is a relaxation method, and anyone can do it.  It is the feeling you have just as you are dropping of to sleep, or waking up in the morning, when you are all cosy and warm in bed, dreaming about the day just gone, or the day ahead. You are totally aware but very, very relaxed.

Hypnotherapy is the use of therapeutic techniques whilst in hypnosis. Much can be done with self-hypnosis, techniques can be learnt out of a good book. But some techniques do require a hypnotherapist to help out – especially where there are significant changes you wish to make in your brain’s behavioural programming.

Why we are Programmed to Fail

So before you get really annoyed and upset with yourself for failing those new years resolutions, give yourself a break. Your brain is only doing these things because it thinks they are a good idea, for example, it eats sugar because it gives you energy, it drinks alcohol because it relaxes you. All your ‘bad’ behaviours are just programmes that went a bit too far beyond their safe and sensible remit.

These ‘bad’ behaviours can be changed, and using hypnotherapy can give you the best chance possible of making that change happen. The additional side effects of using hypnosis are feeling fantastically relaxed, in control, and happy with how you are in control of your life. Perhaps after several years of trying to make a conscious change, by using hypnotherapy you can access the subconscious programming and change it into a programme which works better for you.

This is why hypnotherapy is so popular as a technique for weight loss and quitting smoking; its easy to do, it takes away the stress of trying to give something up, because you are not having to fight some subconscious urge which is trying to sabotage your efforts.

Making a change with Hypnotherapy

If you are struggling to make a change, perhaps you feel something is holding you back that is beyond your will or conscious control, give me a call on 07814430690 or email me at the Chamomile Clinic, I’d be very happy to help you make those changes quickly and easily with hypnotherapy.

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