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Everything has a frequency, a rate at which it vibrates. We too are vibrational beings and as our cells experience dialogue with specific sounds, tones or frequencies an interconnectedness with our true resonance and the world around us can unfold. How often have you heard a song that has resonated somewhere in your body or soul?

How can sound benefit us?

We live in a world with many separating factors, beliefs and ego states. Sound has the ability to help us reconnect. Sound slows our brainwaves down, allowing us to surrender into an incredibly relaxed state very quickly. It can help us see the mind from behind and hold back binary thinking to allow a more creative, peaceful existence to unfold. People’s experiences of sound are different and there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ response. As well as promoting mental relaxation, increasing resistance to stress, and boosting energy levels, a sound bath can balance brain activity and sharpen mental clarity. It is a tranquil, non-invasive way to re-balance your whole being.

Individual Sound Baths

Individual sound treatment is personalised towards your needs and uses a blend of energy work and sound.

After a short discussion you are invited to lie down and allow the sounds to move over you like waves gently washing away any stress and helping to unblock any emotions that no longer serve you well.

You may fall asleep or you may enter a blissful state of relaxation. Following the end of the session you will be gently awoken and there will be a few moments silence and a short period of reflection before returning to the outside world.

Couples Sound Baths

Similar to the Individual Sound Baths, but for two people.  

Group Sound Baths

A session is typically 60 minutes and held in groups of up to 15 people. You are invited to lie down and will be provided with comfortable mats and blankets. Jo will then play different Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls and use her Voice to blend overtones creating relaxing sounds that put your mind and body into a deep sense of well-being, during which you may fall asleep or enter a blissful state of relaxation. Following the end of the session you will be gently awoken by percussion instruments and there will be a few moments silence before returning to the outside world. Some sound baths may also start with some breath work, movement, meditation and intention setting to give an even greater restorative result.  


Your Sound Therapist

Jo Miller

Jo Miller

Sound Therapist

In order to book contact Jo directly at or call 07779347937.


Sound Bath: £30 for 30 minutes, £60 for 1 hour

Couples Sound Bath: £75 for 1 hour

Group Sound Bath: Contact Jo to discuss price based on group size. 

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