What is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu is a bodywork therapy that originated in Japan, literally translated Shiatsu means Shi = finger and atsu = pressure. It aims to strengthen and support the body’s natural ability toheal and balance itself. Shiatsu can help with acute aches and pains as well as relieve longerheld patterns of stress and tension. It works to support the whole person and is a truly holistic therapy, treating each person individually.

Shiatsu is based on similar principles to acupuncture and draws on the long tradition of Oriental Medicine. In this system the body, emotions, mind and spirit are not seen as separate entities but parts of a whole and if one is out of balance this affects the whole system. If our vital life force (called ki in Japanese) can’t flow freely, our body expresses this through physical and emotional symptoms

Shiatsu works to balance the flow of ki by working our energetic body through channels called meridians. The skilled Shiatsu practitioner identifies which meridians to work using Oriental Medicine diagnostic skills: description and assessment of symptoms, whole body observation, touch diagnosis. Shiatsu techniques to restore balance include: comfortable palm, thumb, elbow and knee pressure; gentle and more dynamic stretches and joint rotations; rocking and mobilization of the spine; connective tissue (fascia) and cranial work.

How can Shiatsu help you?

Shiatsu bodywork is a way to support anyone who wants to feel better – physically, emotionally and mentally.

If you would like to …

  • reduce pain and tension in the body (e.g. lower back pain, shoulder and neck
  • tension, headaches and migraines, period pains)
  •  experience deep relaxation and a sense of peace
  •  feel looser and lighter
  •  re-align your body
  •  improve posture, digestion and/or breathing
  •  have more energy
  •  receive support for conception, pregnancy or post-natal
  •  address chronic physical or emotional patterns

… then Shiatsu is for you!

What happens during a Shiatsu session?

A Shiatsu session usually lasts for 60 minutes and includes an initial chat to ascertain your state of health and the symptoms you are experiencing. After the treatment there is rest time to allow your body to process and integrate the treatment. Your practitioner ma recommend exercises or diet and life style changes.

Shiatsu treatments usually happen at floor level on a padded futon mat but can be adapted to suit the receiver’s needs: sitting on a chair or lying on a massage table. Chamomile Clinic practitioners Svenja and Barbara also use a Body Cushion to support the natural curvatur of your spine especially at neck level. Other support cushions are used where appropriate to support the optimum treatment position

The client stays fully clothed and we advise you to wear loose and comfortable clothes e.g. track suit bottoms or leggings, (long sleeved) T-Shirt and socks.

If you would like to try Shiatsu, please contact us to book your appointment today:

To make an enquiry or to book an appointment please CALL the Chamomile Clinic: 01843 299 439,

CALL OR TEXT the owner Sorrell direct: 07814 430690,

or EMAIL: sorrell@chamomileclinic.co.uk