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What is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional therapy uses the latest research to identify functional and nutritional imbalances at an individual level.  By evaluating your health history, symptoms and lifestyle a nutrition and lifestyle program is produced specific to you and your goals.

Nutritional Therapy does not claim to treat, cure or diagnose disease, it is a complementary therapy that works alongside conventional medicine, treating you as an individual and addressing your health issues.   The aim is understand your story so far and to piece together your complex jigsaw puzzle helping to understand how you arrived at your current health state and then create a personalised program based on your story so far. Functional testing and supplements may also be recommended to further complete your jigsaw and to focus your program.


What happens at a Nutritional Therapy consultation?


Before the consultation

You will be asked to complete and return a detailed confidential health questionnaire to help Wendy understand your health history, current health concerns, eating habits and lifestyle.  The questionnaire is returned approx. 48hrs prior to your first consultation to allow preparation for your visit.


Initial consultation

The consultation will last approx. 1hr 30 minutes.  A detailed discussion will take place about your health, past and present,  your current diet and lifestyle and what you aim to achieve.


After the consultation

You will receive a personalised Nutrition Plan detailing the agreed recommendations for diet and lifestyle changes.  You will also be advised of any supplements or functional tests that are recommended (please note supplements and tests are at additional cost).


Follow up consultations

Are recommended 2-4 weeks following the initial consultation.  They last approx. 45 minutes and include a review of your progress, interpretation of any tests results and any necessary adjustments to your program.

Prices for Nutritional Therapy

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