About Henry Gillespie

I studied acupuncture and naturopathy at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London. I have a passion for natural medicine and for treating patients holistically. Whatever your problem, whether it’s an ache or pain, or a chronic health issue that you can’t get to the bottom of, I’m sure I can help.
I use a range of techniques including distal acupuncture, which involves putting needles in the arms or legs, away from the actual site of pain. I also use moxibustion,  cupping, and red light therapy; as well as advising on nutrition and lifestyle.
Acupuncture promotes homeostasis and self-healing. In other words, it stimulates the body to heal itself. Needling causes blood vessels to dilate, thereby increasing circulation. This allows more oxygen, as well as nutrient and hormone rich blood to reach areas of disease.
Needling also stimulates the cardiovascular system, the immune system, the endocrine system and the nervous system to restore balance and promote health.
If you have any questions as to how I can help you or your family, or about the treatments I offer, you can have a chat with me on the phone (09740 510 923), or drop me an email (henry@chamomileclinic.co.uk).

Our prices

First appointment up to 90 minutes – £60.00

Follow up appointments  45 minutes – £45.00