Introducing Yeh-tea, our new herbal blend which will warm the spirits and keep your defences strong this winter

100% Organic Ingredients: Orange peel, Elderflower, Echinacea, Cinnamon, Liquorice

If, like me, you are a fan of elderflower liqueur (add a shot to a glass of bubbles) or a non-alcoholic cordial then this tea will delight your taste buds.

Why did we call it Yeh-tea?

To cut a long story short… it keeps your energy levels up, supports you through stress, helps fight off bugs, and soothes your stressed out mind, body and soul. If you need to take on the next few weeks (or winter months) with an empowered ‘YEAH’ feeling inside this tea can provide! It also reminds us of the Yeti and our sense of humour got the better of us, our favourite winter mythical creature, a powerful beast that stays strong and warm through the coldest winters.

What makes a Yeh-tea?

As you take a sip you will notice with the addition of Orange Peel and Cinnamon aromatic herbs, a taste reminiscent of Christmas. Both herbs are supportive of digestion and help to circulate the Qi.

Cinnamon is warming, and helps circulate blood which can become stagnant in cold weather causing pain and congestion in arthritic joints, chilblains in fingers and toes, and can even make period pain worse.

The Elderflower and echinacea tea support the immune system.  The Elderflower is a mild decongestant, useful if you are suffering from the common cold or flu bugs which seem to multiply dramatically at this time of year.

Echinacea is an extremely well-known immune stimulant which can help us prevent infections and recover from any bugs which have got the better of us more quickly.  Both herbs are also cleansing; Echinacea cleanses the blood and Elderflower cleanses via the kidneys and skin as a mild diaphoretic and diuretic.

Liquorice soothes and sweetens the blend.  It is supportive to the adrenal glands, which in times of stress (Christmas?) can be overworked and undernourished!  Its anti-inflammatory action can help soothe a sore throat.

Why would you choose our loose leaf teas over a tea bag?

Our loose leaf teas are made only organic herbs and have not been heated in any tea bag processes so their aromatic flavours are so much stronger than you will be used to from an average herbal tea bag and do not compare to even the best tea bags on the market.

If you like the ease of a tea bag, you can make your own re-usable tea-bag with our tea ball.

Where can I get some of this wonderful tea?

Here in our shop! You can choose from a 50g bag which makes about 25 cups of tea & a 100g bag for around 50 cups of tea.

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Is there a competition to win some?

Oh yes!

Like our Page or Share it on your own timeline on Facebook to enter our draw!

Everyone who does could win some Yeh-tea we are giving away at midnight on Monday 15th of December.

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Can I get the ingredients separately from you and make my own blends?

Yes you can, we now sell 100% organic herbs in our store.

Why it makes me feel good!

Remember every bag of tea we sell – we donate 10% of profits to the Action Breaks Silence Charity which works to empower women all over the world with self-defence skills.

So you can feel even better about drinking our teas, supporting your own body’s defences and others too!

Stay healthy and happy this Christmas!

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