Sound Therapy



Sonic Massage

Do you crave space? Want the feel of a week’s worth of rest and a deep massage but don’t want a hands on approach? Want a supercharged blissful time away from the norm? Want to treat a loved one or yourself to some much needed relaxation time? If you say yes to any of these then a sonic massage, often referred to a Sound Bath, is most definitely for you.

You’ll be invited to lie down and after a short listening meditation the gentle sounds of the Alchemy Crystal Bowls will move over you like waves gently washing away any stress and helping to unblock any emotions that no longer serve you well. Sound only needs 5 minutes to help you enter a state of Theta brain wave activity and 20 minutes or more is a deeply nourishing experience. You may fall asleep or you may enter a blissful state of relaxation. 

These sessions are either 50 or 70 minutes. 

Sound Therapy

Do you have a clear intention of working through a period of feeling stuck? Are you holding on to tensions, old behaviours or emotional blockages that you want to move through? If you are clear about this intention then these sessions are for you.

These sessions are all about subtle work where you take a more active part, but let me be clear……there is very little to actually ‘do’. You will pay attention to the body and any tensions through deep listening and the sounds it makes. By staying in the moment and inviting in the somatic felt experience you’ll set the conditions for tensions and issues to shift and soften. In turn you’ll be listened to, witnessed and with gentle guidance you will see subtle but big results.  When we have reached an end to the period of noticing we will use a gentle sound bath to sooth and help integrate the session before you leave. These sessions will last as long as they need to but will often be between 50-90 minutes.

I offer free telephone consultations to people considering this. After one initial appointment we will work together for either 4 or 8 sessions depending on your intention.


 Parent and Baby Sound Sessions

As a new mother or father you are already perfectly in tune with your precious bundle. These sessions are designed to help you experience that more fully in the present moment with the use of sound. They are perfect for a gift or even just to help with sleep. Typically we will using toning to help harness the power of the voice, our greatest instrument, and then follow this with some soothing sound bathing. Don’t worry you don’t have to be able to sing but this is just a new way for your baby to experience your voice – the very sound it heard first.

You’ve heard the old saying ‘never work with children or animals’, right? Well I have but I love both. But that said I know little ones don’t always have the same agenda for the day that us bigger folk might…so if for any reason on the day your baby doesn’t settle don’t worry we will repeat it again on me.

You should allow 70 minutes for these sessions.

 Group Sound Sessions

A session is typically 60 minutes. You are invited to lie down and will be provided with comfortable mats and blankets. Jo will then play different Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls and use her Voice to blend overtones creating relaxing sounds that put your mind and body into a deep sense of well-being, during which you may fall asleep or enter a blissful state of relaxation. Following the end of the session you will be gently awoken by percussion instruments and there will be a few moments silence before returning to the outside world. Some sound baths may also start with some breath work, movement, meditation and intention setting to give an even greater restorative result.

Please wear comfortable clothes and feel free to bring your own additional blankets.


My ‘about me’ could simply read ‘seeing people connect gives me goosebumps’. Whether that be a connection to inner peace, their bodies, one another, their creativity, nature or just the idea of a universe filled with an infinite number of possible connections. This is what drives me.

I trained formally as a Sound Practitioner several years ago and have committed to building a rich and meaningful practice so you will often find me with a head in a book or on a course or workshop to deepen this powerful work. This is a lifelong commitment.

So how did I get here? I wasn’t born in a downward dog with a Crystal Singing Bowl in one hand and lavender in the other. In fact you’d have been more likely to find me in a board meeting with a press release in one hand and a pint in the other after a 16 hour day in the past. And apart from the 16 hour day bit there is nothing wrong with the latter of those scenarios it’s just a deeper sense of purpose and service has revealed itself to me recently through sound.

I believe the work I do is an utter privilege and you will find me holding space as any compassionate human being would do; with tender love, deep respect, non-judgmental and with a good dollop of humour when appropriate.

Outside of sound I also attend or practice various forms of movement medicine (namely 5 Rhythms), meditation, More to Life and NLP as well as various creative pursuits. I have been a leader of large groups of people and love to co-create. All of these affect my way of being. 



Jessica is IYI-200 trained yoga teacher and multi-disciplinary artist, working across installation, performance, sound and video. She discovered, whilst studying with Sheila Whittaker, that her two vocations meet with the gong.

For the newcomer, gong baths are unlike anything you have ever experienced before. Think guided meditation, with waves of sound rather than words. A deeply transformative experience – be it relaxing or energising – driven by powerful, sonic vibrations that hush the chattering mind. Sleep better and think clearer, buoyed by the sound of the gong. You can find her on Instagram, as @gonggrrrl


50 minute session for one person … £45

50 minute session for two people …£60

50 minute session for three people … £75

50 minute session for four people …£80

Your Sound Therapist

Jo Miller

Jo Miller

Sound Therapist

In order to book contact Jo directly at or call 07779347937.


Individual Sonic Massage 50 mins £45
Individual Sonic Massage 70 mins £60
Couples Sonic Massage 60 mins £75
Private Parent and Baby Sound Bathing Experience 70 mins £60 for one parent or £75 for both parents
Group Sound Baths – POA 
Sound Therapy
Free Telephone Consultation
First appointment £60, the a sliding scale with a maximum of £60 per session dependant on number of further sessions required by the client. Recommended are a further 4-8.
Jo offers a 20% concession for low earners, pensioners or people working in the public sector.
Prices are for Chamomile Clinic customers only. Home visits require extra time and therefore may come with a reasonable supplement.


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