Introducing the

Shamanic Practitioner Training Programme

A two year practical apprenticeship brought to you by Shamanic Planet. Infusing Shamanic traditions gathered from all over the world. Gifting you the wisdom of elders, rites of passage to higher consciousness and shamanic processes to guide you on a path to selfhealing and the healing others by becoming a Shamanic Practitioner. Hosted by The Chamomile Clinic in Margate, the adventure begins here…
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Year one has been created to be a beautiful powerful healing journey, that will help you to know yourself, your connection to spirit, identify and empower your gifts as a healer and to learn sacred healing methods of Shamanic people from all over the planet. This year is a complete course on its own.

If you continue onto year 2 to deepen your healing experience, you will recieve further initiations and rites, practical lessons and case studies readying you for the energy work you will be doing with clients.

After year 2, on completion of course work, you will be able to gain certification and insurance as a Shamanic practitioner.

Our course is set in the beautiful coastal town of Margate at the home of the Chamomile Clinic, bed and breakfast onsite accomodation is available.

About the course

What you will learn in year one!

Medicine Wheel

Discover your power and how to create healing for yourself and others through the diagnositic tool of the Medicine Wheel.

Ancestoral & Past life healing

Meet the ancestors who walked this earth before you.  Discover past lives which still influence you today. Heal the ancient past and bring the gifts of this healing forward to our present for all our benefit.

Energy Extraction

Learn how to percieve and extract inappropriate energies and entities.

Soul retrieval

Help to heal others and become whole  using the art of soul retrieval – to bring back soul parts which have been lost through trauma or loss or love.

Spiritual guidance

Meet your Spirit Guides and power animals. Connect with Plant allys, learn how to use herbs as vibrational medicines.

Deep personal healing

Heal your inner child, and the wounded Masculine and Femine aspects of the soul to bring you a place of wholeness, able to heal others.

Shamanic Tools

Create your own shamanic tools including an optional drum birthing ceremony. Develop your personal gifts and talents.

Cleansing & Initiation

You will be initated in the rites of Munai ki to assist your transformation. Recieve shamanic cleansings traditionally used in Equadorian shamanic practice. Plus receive your medicine name.

Awaken & Heal others

Awaken your healing potential, learn how to become a hollow bone for healing and awaken your ‘inner knowing’.

Medicine Bundle

Manifest a medicine bundle for healing, using the medicine wheel principles to create an energy healing and diagnostic tool kit.

Protection rites

Receive protection rites of the ancient shamans.  Learn how to practice energetic methods of protection.

Join our community of Awakened Shamanic Healers

Be part of a growing shamanic community of awakened healers who wish to work together to step into their power and with open hearts co-create a better tomorrow for all life forms.


Two Years of Shamanic Training



5th, 6th & 7th May, 2018
Beltaine Beginnings

Over the first weekend of the training we will begin to explore the Medicine Wheel as a tool for self-healing and diagnosis, helping us to discover our hidden strengths and weaknesses.

We will challenge you to work with the wounded inner feminine moving towards a balanced approach in life which is essential to the Shamanic Practitioner.

We will begin the journey of learning Shamanic healing practises with the Hollow Bone Healing to help awaken our ‘inner knowing’.

You will be shown protection rituals and given the 1st rite of the Munay Ki.

23rd & 24th June, 2018
Solstice Empowerment

We will continue our voyage around the Medicine wheel and discover our Spirit Guide from each of the Cardinal directions.

We will seek the different tools available to the Shamanic Practitioner and begin to focus on our individual gifts and abilities.

We continue the challenging work of regaining inner balance with an exploration and healing of the wounded Masculine.

We will begin to gather and manifest the energy of our Medicine bundles.

The 2nd rite of the Munay Ki will be given.

1st & 2nd September, 2018
Lughnasagh Gathering

Over this weekend we start to explore the allies we can call on from the Plant and Animal worlds

We will explore our connection to plant spirits and discover a plant ally to guide us on our plant medicine path. Learn methods to communicate with plants and how to utilise their innate healing powers in different forms for all beings: as pure energy, teas, tinctures and vibrational essences.

With the aid of Shamanic journeying and trance work we will identify our main Animal ally or Power animal.

The 3rd rite of the Munay Ki  will be given.

3 & 4th November, 2018
Samhain Soul Seeking

At this time of year when the veil is it thin there is a wonderful opportunity for us to meet with our Ancestors.

We will be re-connecting to those who have gone before and asking for their support on our journey.

We will learn the art of soul retrieval and the practice of past life regression and when to use it.

The 4th rite of the Munay Ki will be given.

15th & 16th December, 2018
Drum Making – open to all, optional workshop

You will create, decorate and empower your own magical drum and beater. Journey to discover the Spirit and name of your drum. Honour, name and celebrate its creation with a Fire Ceremony. An enjoyable, sociable creative weekend for all. No previous creative skills required. All materials provided.

‘Much of the Art of Drum Making cannot be spoken-it is about tapping into our creative centres, contacting Spirit and bringing into being what we are given. Drums are a Shamans /Shamankas most important tool. When he/she makes their own it is a birthing process-a moment of conception; when the seed of the idea meets materials gifted by Mother Earth. A gestation- as the process unfolds. A birth as the drum is completed and then honoured and named in Ceremony. Their drum becomes their companion, their most powerful ally and teacher. If cared for it will mature and grow old with them. When the Shaman/Shamanka walks the Rainbow Bridge the Drum Spirit will go with them, keeping rhythm for the next dance.’ I feel that this is true. The Drum Spirits are really needed now. They beat for the healing of Mother Earth-they beat for our own illumination-they beat for joy and sorrow-they beat for celebration and ceremony-they beat for cleansing and clearing-they beat for us.

2nd & 3rd of February, 2019
Imbolc Birthing the Inner Child

We will be seeking our hidden inner child and reuniting him/her with our healed masculine/feminine.

We will learn about energy extraction and how to deal with inappropriate energies and entities.

The 5th rite of the Munay Ki will be given. The Munay Ki are the Nine Gateways to the mystical path of the Q’uero (Inkas)  The Munay Ki Rites have the ability to transform human consciousness and to assist us on a progressive path in our lifetime.

6th & 7th April, 2019

This is the final weekend of the 1st year and is a time of cleansing and initiation in preparation for the next phase in our Shamanic development.

We will be using different deep cleansing techniques for the body and soul. Learning to understand ourselves and how we react to challenges.

We are getting ready to step up and reclaim our power. During ceremony you will receive your Medicine name. The 6th rite of the Munay Ki will be given (Wisdomkeeper’s Rites). 

Year 2

For those who wish to become certified and insured practitioners of Shamanic Healing we offer a second year of training. We aim to deepen your wisdom, strengthen your confidence and sharpen your tools for a full journey on the path to being a skilled and safe Shamanic Practitioner.

There will be 5 essential weekend workshops, with case studies and homework in between. Plus options of further workshops to assist your personal and professional growth. We have provided a skeleton below, more information about the specifics, including dates and more about the course contents will flow here very soon. Year 2 is only accessible after completion of the year one programme.

22nd – 23rd June 2019
Solstice Illumination-Illumination process

Over this weekend we will concentrate on learning different Shamanic techniques including advanced soul retrieval. energetic organ replacement ,the virtuous Being healing . We will study and practice the Illumination process -an ancient and wonderful Inka healing technique. The 7th rite of the Munay Ki will be given (Earthkeeper’s rites)

7th – 8th September 2019
Lughnasagh Harvest

This weekend we will be asking Opposites-who am I? (joining) Learning to accept ourselves for who we are and can become. We will delve into the world of Divination including Tarot cards- -pendulums- oracle-runes-scrying and the smoking mirror

The 8th Rite of the Munay Ki will be given (Starkeeper’s rites)

2nd – 3rd November  2019
Samhain Death’s door-Death weekend

A weekend of deep exploration and mystery

9th rite of Munay Ki

1st – 2nd February  2020
Imbolc – Inka Journey

This weekend we go deeper into the Inka mysteries learning Rattle diagnosis and using the Inka animal archetypes of Snake, Jaguar and Condor

21st – 22nd March  2020
Equinox Runes & Rune Magick

This is the final weekend of your training and as well as looking at the Uthark system of Runes and integrating them with our Shamanic Practice we will find space to celebrate the achievement of getting here!

Further info

Over the 2 years of this training you will be given the tools to be able to work as an effective and responsible Shamanic Practitioner. Beginning with looking within to heal ourselves and create a solid foundation to work from. A commitment is required to take this journey as it can be challenging. This commitment is to yourself, the group and Spirit.

Over the 2 years as well as attending all workshops you will be given a reading list, asked to complete case studies, keep a dream diary and report any significant events. There will be a certificate issued at the end of the training and information on Professional Insurance and Continuing Professional Development. Support will be given throughout the training either by phone or email

You will be offered the Munay Ki Rites. These rites cannot be charged for therefore they will take place outside of group time in the evenings.

All training takes place within Sacred Space, created with the intention of holding us safely. We call in the directions, elements, animal, plant and bird energies and help from our Ancestors. Inside of this energetic bubble we connect with ourselves and each other in a deeper more profound way. We are held by each other and Spirit. Seersha has many years experience as a Shamanic teacher and has facilitated many workshops. She will be assisted on the training by previous students of hers who have experienced a similar journey to the one you are embarking on. They are all committed to aiding you on your adventure. Out of workshop time Seersha is available via phone, email, messenger or whatsap for support and advice.

For any further information or just to have a chat

with Seersha please call: 07809722097

Expert Intsructors

Meet Our Seersha

Seersha O'Sullivan

Seersha O'Sullivan

Shamanic Practitioner & Teacher

Seersha O’Sullivan is a medicine woman and teacher with  over 30  years experience within the field of complementary therapy.

“I do not walk one path or follow one tradition.  I am a ‘braided hair’ who weaves the wisdom given to me by various teachers and traditions.”

She has recognised qualifications in teaching,  shamanic healing, reflexology, reiki, Indian head massage, Bach flower remedies,  and counselling.

Seersha began her training in 1982 while she was a disciple of Indian mystic Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (Osho), working in his ashrams.  She learned Native American style drum making with Patrick Pinson of the Mingo tribe (Cedar Mountain Drums) and trained in sweatlodge protocol and ceremonies with Ken Littlefish Durrant, medicine man of the Native American Church.  She has worked with Brooke Medicine Eagle, author and teacher of Tradtitional Native American Spirituality.  She trained with Don Juan Nunez del Prado reknown teacher from Cusco, Peru to become a 4th level Paqo and Elizabeth Jenkins author of many excellent books on the Andean Path.  She trained with  Kurikindi and his sister Sisa of the Kichwa people of the deep Ecuadoraian rainforest offering herbal and spiritual cleansings and energy work. She was a teacher at the Shamanka School of Women’s Shamanism in Dorset for over 10 years and counts Eliana Harvey as her Mentor and friend. She is a member of OBOD ~ Order of Bards Ovates and Druids and has learned Geo-mancy with Patric McManaway


What People Are Saying

“I have worked with Seersha both recieving her healing, partaking in many workshops and as an apprentice.  She has a gift of seeing the beauty and talents in other people, she is able to draw out their talent and empower them on their path to healing and wholeness. I have found every moment I have spent with Seersha a joy – even if I am processing and feeling something darker – she holds you safely so you can work your way through to raise your vibration higher using her wisdom and skills as a teacher and healer.” Sorrell Robbins

Herbalist & Healer, The Chamomile Clinic.

“I have known Seersha for a number of years, and have recently had the pleasure of attending some of her Shamanic workshops and women’s circle groups. Seersha has a beautiful maternal energy, she is authentic, wise and knowledgable. She has a natural gift towards all shamanic practice and I have always felt welcome and safe with all she offers. Anyone lucky enough to work with Seersha will receive profound healing and wisdom. She is a majestic Oak Tree!” Georgina Batterbee

Advanced Flower Essence Practitioner

“In 2013 I was lucky enough to be part of a 2 year Shamanic Practitioner’s Training course lead mainly by Seersha O’Sullivan.

Well, it changed my life in the best possible way. I now have a better sense of my own worth and my place in the scheme of things.

Seersha has a practical, no- nonsense approach to Shamanic work and is supportive to all students in her care. I say ”in her care” with much thought because that is what comes across from this deeply compassionate, wise woman.”

Pamela Bridges

Ready to Make a Change?

To book your place, a non-returnable deposit of £300 is required by 31st March 2018.

Full payment for the first or second year can be made at any time. Year one costs £1,300 & Year 2 costs £1,200. Or you can also pay in installments of £200 at each training weekend for the following training weekend.

A full commitment to the training will be asked for and in the event of withdrawal you will be requested to pay in full for the year’s training.

Payment is arranged with Seersha O’Sullivan who will give you details of how to pay once you registered your interest with her via phone or email.

How to book

Call Seersha today on


or email: