Sarah King

Sarah King

Holistic Massage therapist

Our modern lifestyle can be challenging to our health and wellbeing. While good nutrition and exercise play an important role in good health – Sarah has found that by incorporating the ancient healing act of massage into your routine you can gain a plethora of health benefits whilst simply relaxing on a massage bed!

Working as a holistic massage therapist since 2014 Sarah originally started her career as an Optician but soon realised the optimal way to understand and care for each individual part of the body is actually to take a holistic approach and look at the body as a whole.

As a keen Yogi, hiker and partner to a team GB triathlete Sarah has experience working with active bodies that often require advanced massage techniques to relieve tight, stiff muscles and maintain peak wellness.

Sarah is passionate about healing and specialises in swedish massage techniques, deep relaxation treatments and Indian head massage.

Excited to continue her holistic education Sarah is planning to add aromatherapy and colour therapy to her skill set in the near future’

I can be booked via email;
phone/text 07884000356

You may also leave a message, make an enquiry or book an appointment via the Chamomile Clinic: 01843 299 439 or email

Essential Therapeutic Massage

30 minute massage – £30.00

60 minute massage –  £45.00

90 minute massage – £67.00

Maximise your Massage

Maximize your treatment by adding on a 15 minute booster with one or more of the following experiences for only £8 throughout November & December (normally £10)

Scalp massage

Scalp massage relaxes your mind and nervous system, promotes sound sleep and may help your memory too.

This treatment targets the forehead, scalp and neck. These areas often hold a lot of tension so this treatment can help with tension headaches and send you into a state of deep relaxation. It increases circulation to the roots of the hair, promoting healthy hair growth and also helps facial muscles to relax therefore helping to reduce lines and wrinkles.

Movement therapy

Bring more flexibility into your body.

If you wake up feeling stiff and sore or tend to hold tension in one area of your body try a 15 minute movement treatment.

After a consultation to determine your needs, you will be shown a few stretches and poses that can help to bring mobility to the body and alleviate the pain/restriction that you can implement into your routine for continued good health.

Guided Meditation

Quiet the mind and bring inner peace and calmness
In a world of noise, information overload and distractions often people find it difficult to switch off and relax. A 15 minute guided meditation starts with breath work to help your body reach a parasympathetic state and then takes you on a journey to a place of peace and tranquility.

With regular self practice you will find it easier to gain consciousness of your own thoughts and be more in control when placed in stressful situations.


Using Universal life force energy for emotional and physical balance

An ancient Japanese healing system that uses the chakra energy centres to promote healing on all levels, enhance your own energy, promote inner calm, relieve stress, tension and enhance your own self-healing process.

Reiki is often experienced as a feeling of warmth or a tingling sensation though the hands of the practitioner and the recipient is almost always aware of this pleasant sensation too.

During a treatment the practitioner places their hands over various appropriate positions around the clients body and the energy is drawn to the areas that need healing.



I can be booked via email;

phone/text 07884000356

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