Learn Reiki 1 and tap into your own innate healing potential. Reiki can be learnt by anyone, at any age, and is an easy way to connect to your spiritual nature, something we all need at this time.

For your own self-healing, learning Reiki can be a life changing experience. Many people find that something shifts in their psyche soon after a Reiki 1 course.  Our Reiki 1 course is designed to nurture your soul and give you the tools to acquire inner peace, healing and to share it with friends and family.

Our teacher and guide Louise Hynes is a gifted Usui Shiki Ryoho Master/ Teacher with years of life experience, spiritual development and an insatiable desire to keep learning and developing,

DATE: Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th June 2016

TIME: 10am – 3.30pm with a light lunch provided.

VENUE: The Chamomile Clinic, Cliftonville, Margate, Kent CT9 2HS

FEE: £150.00 per person. Payment can be made by arrangement once you have had a chat with Louise, our teacher

This course is limited to 6 participants to create an intimate, supportive working group.


The course is designed to be fun and relaxing.  The idea is to open up the student to the healing possibilities within him/her with ease and comfort.  Reiki can be channelled by anyone as long as they have an open mind, are willing to learn the technique and accept the attunements.

Over 2 days, you will learn what Reiki is, what Reiki can do and not do, common myths about Reiki and the spiritual basis of Reiki. You will begin to understand the energy of reiki and how it works, be able to define universal energy, and start to detect energy. The history of Reiki, its lineage and the Reiki Principles are explained. You will be guided in connecting to Reiki energy, understanding Chakras and how they work and how to start sensing the body’s energy field.  You will learn about the the energetic anatomy of the body, the Aura : physical , etheric, emotional and spiritual bodies.  How to scan the energy field, observe negative energy patches.  Most importantly you will be gifted with techniques for Channelling Rei, and given guidance in grounding, hand positions and hands on practice. There are 4 Attunements over the 2 days which will connect you to the pure Reiki energy.

On completion of the course you will be presented with a bound course manual and a certificate of achievement. You will have our support for as long as you need it.  We warmly invite you to attend our Reiki shares where you will be able to spend time with people on the Reiki path, enjoy healing share experiences.

LouisaHynesYOUR TEACHER – Louise Hynes Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, Angelic Reiki Master, SRT Practitioner, BCMA, MRA

‘Learning Reiki was a life changer. Within a short time everything life threw at me became easier to deal with it. Connections beyond the ordinary became easier. Everything was easier! Added to that having Reiki opened up so much more and helped me discover my life’s purpose, which is to be a Lightworker; a person who spreads the spiritual connection, light and love which our world needs. Passing on knowledge and introducing people to the wonders of energy healing through Reiki is a dream come true.’

We hope you feel inspired to join us for this course. Please get in touch if you are interested initially by email to let us know when you are available for Louise to have a chat with you.

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