Herbal Remedies: How to make, use and grow


This book teaches you to identify, grow and harvest medicinal plants. It shows you how to make a range of simple medicines including: ointments, salves, syrups, oils, compresses, infusions and decoctions. There are sections on body systems, explaining which herbs are useful for a range of ailments, and detailed herb monographs. This second edition has been revised to take account of recent changes in UK legislation.

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This book aims to get you excited and inspired about using herbs, to give you the knowledge to use them effectively and to help build your confidence to experiment with new ways of using them. You may wish to grow your own herbs, use them as medicines for yourself and your family’s health, or just to bring some new knowledge of herbs into your kitchen where your salads will suddenly be coloured with Borage flowers, your biscuits flavoured with Lavender and your cocktails infused with aphrodisiac Damaina. Or perhaps you want to know how to treat coughs and colds using the herb and spice rack and the lemons in the fruit dish. You may want to know how herbs can help you reduce the symptoms of more chronic conditions such as arthritis or irritable bowel syndrome, ME or insomnia. Wherever your interest stems from, getting to know the herbs in this book will show you new ways to enjoy herbs and teach you how to use them to become healthier and to maintain your health. Herbs are here to make our lives better, to help us feel good in our bodies and happy to be alive. They have the potential to make us physically and emotionally well and to help us really enjoy life.

I hope the  book will also  change the  way  you  see the world around you. Wherever you walk, not just those of you who live in the country but city dwellers too, you are surrounded by herbal medicines. On every patch of waste ground, in every park, in the cracks in the pavement, in the patch of lawn in your garden those weeds, which we normally ignore or try to eradicate, will suddenly be seen as respected medicines with powerful chemical properties to utilise for the herbal medicine cabinet. The book will also enable you to go to your kitchen cupboard, to your spice rack, to shop at your grocery store or supermarket and have the knowledge to make remedies for many common ailments, whether they are physical, mental or emotional.

It will provide you with all the basics you need to start growing your own herbs regardless of the size of your garden. Herbs are ideal for a novice gardener as they are incredibly tolerant, generally preferring not to be fussed over too much. It will guide you in the methods to use for collecting, drying and storing your own herbs, whether they are home grown, from the weed patch in the garden or collected from the wild.