Svenja Schaper

Svenja Schaper


Svenja started her professional journey as a Shiatsu practitioner in 2010 and continues to be amazed and excited by the transformative powers of Shiatsu: to feel more at home in our skins and become more aware of our potential. Completing her Shiatsu Diploma training in 2013 with the British School of Shiatsu-Do, she started full time practice in 2014, moving on from her job as a primary school teacher for children with speech, language and communication difficulties. Since November 2015, Svenja is part of the teaching team at the BSS-Do and teaches Year 1 students.

For Svenja, the unique therapeutic quality of Shiatsu bodywork lies in the power of attentive, listening touch to help the body access and activate its innate healing potential. She continues to further explore and train in Shiatsu at post-graduate level, as well as in other Traditional Japanese Healing methods:

  • Shiatsu Shin Tai (releasing stress and pain on both physical and emotional levels)
  • Developmental Shiatsu (strengthening babies’ and children’s development on all levels)
  • Teishin (Japanese acupuncture without needles developed by Toshikazu Ezaki Sensei)
  • Shonishin (Japanese paediatric acupuncture without needles, Daishi Hari School Osaka).

On a study trip to Japan in May 2017, she participated in workshops, supporting women through pregnancy (addressing structural problems, breech position). Qigong, meditation and Yoga further support her Shiatsu practice and she is currently undergoing Qigong Teacher Training in Shibashi Style with Shiatsu College

Svenja uses her evolving knowledge to combine approaches into tailor-made individual treatments to relieve pain and stress, supporting clients to find inner and outer balance.

Svenja is a Member of the Register for Shiatsu Practitioners (MRSS) with the Shiatsu Society UK Also see Svenja’s website Shiatsu Moving Touch – Touch that moves you and puts you in touch with yourself at

To book treatments, contact Svenja directly:
mobile: 07842 563 298

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