Jo Miller

Jo Miller

Sound Therapist

My ‘about me’ could simply read ‘seeing people connect gives me goosebumps’. Whether that be a connection to inner peace, their bodies, one another, their creativity, nature or just the idea of a universe filled with an infinite number of possible connections. This is what drives me.

So how did I get here? I wasn’t born in a downward dog with a Crystal Singing Bowl in one hand and lavender in the other. In fact you’d have been more likely to find me in a board meeting with a press release in one hand and a pint in the other after a 16 hour day in the past. And apart from the 16 hour day bit there is nothing wrong with the latter of those scenarios it’s just a deeper sense of purpose and service has revealed itself to me recently through sound. I have always been a deeply innate spiritual being and loved to help others. It’s because of this that energy work and sound found me over the last few years and I trained as both a Reiki and Sound Practitioner. It’s in part this varied background that gives me the insight into just how much these ancient sounds and practices really can be a perfect antidote to modern times, helping us reconnect when we most need it.

As this path unfolded I connected to some profound moments that make me very passionate about this work. I also consider myself to be lucky to have become an example of the phrase ‘leap and the net will appear’ because sound has carried me through some pretty challenging times as well as the odd ‘eye roll’ since embarking on this journey. I take continual personal and spiritual development seriously in order to hold a warm and compassionate space for people through sound so you’ll often find me on a retreat or learning a new skill to bring to sessions.

Outside of sound I hold a strong personal practice of meditation and movement therapy – namely 5 Rhythms. CrossFit is my exercise of choice to get me sweaty but you’ll find me on a yoga mat for more relaxing sessions. I also love getting lost in a flow of making art in my home studio or locally at Clayspace in Margate.

Above all, I am a human being and love to connect. I look forward to sharing sound or collaborating with you, should you feel called to do so.

In order to book contact Jo directly at or call 07779347937.