Hannah Rzysko

About Hannah Rzysko…
Hannah likes supporting people by sharing yoga that responds to their unique needs, is useful to everyday life and brings them into balance. Since initially training as a yoga teacher in 2013, she has been committed to study & training in order to create safe, welcoming and supportive space for anyone to explore & benefit from yoga – no matter their needs, condition or background. She has spent as much time in a yoga studio as she has in care homes, mental health hospitals, dementia wards, children’s centres & special needs services. After 5 years sharing yoga in this way, she completed her 550 hours certification to become a Yoga Therapist and is accredited with the Complementary & Natural Health Council (CNHC).
Her personal yoga practice has served her for over decade – moving her away from the anxiety, panic attacks and eating disorders of her early 20’s – and now keeps her anchored, present & well. As a busy mum of a little girl, her personal yoga practice weaves into family life – taking every opportunity for quiet personal practice on her mat, but gaining as much joy from her downward dog becoming a ‘secret den’ or teaching mindfulness to her daughter by holding & breathing with pebbles they find together on the beach.
Her additional specialised training includes…
 – Yoga During Pregnancy (Sivananda Academy)
 – Intensive Special Yoga for Special Children (Special Yoga Foundation)
 – Yoga for Autism & Developmental Difficulties (Special Yoga Foundation)
 – Yoga for Post Natal & Peri Menopausal Recovery (Uma Tinsmore-Tulli)
 – Elevating and Engaging Children’s Imagination, Creativity and Self Expression through yoga (Ayala Hommasany)
To discuss how Yoga Therapy may be able to support you or to book an appointment please contact Hannah Rzysko on hannah@forearthandyoga.com or 07446 962 576