Sarah King

Holistic therapist offering Massage, Reiki & Yoga

About Sarah King 

Sarah discovered the power of complementary therapies after being let down by the NHS  when she reached out for help with for general and mental health issues always resulted in feeling let down, unresolved and generally uncared for Sarah decided to take responsibility for her own health. 
‘I turned to complementary therapies such as reiki, acupuncture and even yoga to help me through the trauma of a car accident and clinical depression and found them incredibly healing for my body and having a knock on positive effect for my mind’

 After 15 years working as an optician Sarah got her diploma in anatomy, physiology and pathology and understood how intrinsically linked every system in the body is. If one becomes out of balance the beautiful symphony of homeostasis is lost and will effect the other systems of the body which can lead to dis-ease.

This is why a pill for an ill mentality of the mainstream health system is failing us so Sarah studies daily to discover ways to help the body and mind to exist in harmony in our modern environment

 ‘Massage is such a powerful healing modality that works directly on the body and soothes the mind at the same time. I Use techniques that are super effective at easing the 3 T’s- tension, toxins and tightness whilst making sure you feel deeply relaxed. I decided to study yoga as tool to continue helping people once they are off the massage couch to keep their bodies in optimum condition. The Balance of movement and stillness is equally important for the mind and body to maintain a state of optimum wellness’

Balanced Body Wellness is also passionate about helping our environment thrive. A plastic free business working towards zero waste. We support charities by giving a portion of profits to charities that support the ecosystem. We donate our time to Guardians of the deep, a project that maintains, cleans up and protects Kent’s coastline.

"I had an Indian massage and I certainly enjoyed it and will be back. Sarah was very friendly and professional, talked me briefly through what she is going to do . I felt very relaxed and I could feel all stress and tightness lifting off my shoulders. Highly recommended';)"


"Extremely relaxing & therapeutic. Having had many massages in my life (huge fan), I found Sarah's technique relaxing in the perfect atmosphere. Just the right pressure where & when needed without having to ask, she knew what areas to work on. I fell asleep which was excellent as I'm an insomniac. i cannot wait for the next session and to try Reiki. Thank you."


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The Chamomile Clinic, 60 Harold Road, Margate, CT9 2HS

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