Matthew Kelly

Massage Therapist

About Matthew

After studying at the Royal Ballet school from the age of 11 and having had a career as a professional dancer in Europe, I trained as a massage therapist.
Having had such an athletic life I understood the importance of massage, not only to maintain and detox the physical body but to also to retain equilibrium within mind and spirit.
I have been a Therapist for over 15 years and I understand that we are all unique with individual needs whether it be relaxation, or comfort and a feeling of balance and security that you are searching for or to relieve muscle pain and soreness, massage is a tool that we should all be using.
In many cultures massage is an essential part of life, beginning at birth and continuing throughout life’s journey.
As with many other forms of instinctual natural magic, here in the west we seem to have lost sight of how sometimes something as simple as touch can hold such immense power.


Full body Relaxing Massage

80 minutes – £55
50 minutes – £40
25 minutes – £20

Deep Tissue Massage

80 minutes – £55
50 minutes – £40
25 minutes – £20

"I have a feeling that a few sessions in Matthew's hands would be a cure for both stress and skin issues”

“I am convinced that Matthew is not a masseur but a magician! I came out feeling 10 years younger"


“Matthew did wonders with my facial and massage and he had my skin glowing!”


“I highly recommend Matthew for a deep tissue massage... all kinks and knots have disappeared! !”

“Discerning Two”, TripAdvisor

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07906 761 813

The Chamomile Clinic, 60 Harold Road, Margate, CT9 2HS

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