Lily Hope Lucario

‘ I survived a sadistic psychopath & a paedophile psychopath, a couple of abusive sociopaths, and a couple of abusive narcissists, what’s your superpower?’

Lily suffers from complex PTSD and a range of related conditions such as fibromyalgia and depression.  But she has worked very hard on her healing, and has learnt so much that she is now is now spreading her healing to others.

She inspires and supports survivors of trauma with her writing, communicating her posts on facebook several times a day.  I came across her work last year whilst studying trauma prevention and treatment.  There are other  great people writing on this subject but Lily has taught me the most in the shortest space of time, because she keeps it simple and accessible, and I find the information can be integrated into my life on a personal and professional level.

If you have suffered trauma or know some one who has then this website is a great place to start looking at how you can begin to heal, and help those you love to heal too.  I hope some of you reading this will look at Lily’s work and be inspired and maybe healed a little bit on your journey through life too.  For her website follow this LINK

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