‘When a thousand goddesses gather, the Divine Feminine Herself shall rebirth through their combined energies’~Tibetan Buddhist prophecy

What becomes possible when millions of women remember who and what we really are – and then direct that collectively towards the greening of our world? The tree sisters want to find out – and they want you to join them!

“Women as a force of nature – on behalf of nature…”

TreeSisters is a social experiment of our time. They are a women’s organisation growing a global network of TreeSisters to help crowd fund rapid tropical reforestation. They are doing it in ways that honour the value and uniqueness of woman in our world – cultivating feminine nature based intelligence and leadership on behalf of our ecology and future generations. By crafting unique resources and courses that bring women together to nourish the roots of collective action. And by developing a tree campaign that aims to make it normal for all of us to give back to Earth every month by gifting money for trees, and channeling that to existing reforestation initiatives in the tropics.

Their first 59,700 trees are funded and they are currently exploring four more tropical reforestation initiatives that will become the beneficiaries of our first major tree campaign at the launch of the new web site in spring. This means that when you fund TreeSisters, you will be funding a portfolio of exemplary tree initiatives that cover a wide range of ecological and social benefits.

If you do too, then TreeSisters is for you 🙂 Please join us.



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