Debi StevensDebi Steven is a warrior, an angel, an inspiration to women!

Her own story is not a happy one.  She was raped at the age of 11 by one of her friends older brothers.  This life shattering trauma has lead her to dedicating her life to helping others.  To empower, educate and protect women and children across the world.

ALL women have a right to be safe, and she is helping us to make this a reality – perhaps for the first time in history.

Debi has created a charity to fundraise for the work she is doing to protect women worldwide called: ACTION BREAKS SILENCE.  The charity is still fairly young and needs money and volunteers.   If you can donate time or money you would be helping to save our women and children from the horrors of rape and sexual abuse across the world.

Unfortunately the reality is that at least I in 4 women in the UK will suffer a sexual assault in their lifetime and 90% of the attacks are from someone we know. But if we fight back we have an 80% change of getting away!  Got to be worth learning how to defend yourself hasn’t it? Debi also works with women, children and men in the UK, and this is how I met her – on one of her fantastic self defence courses in London.

Her courses deal with a very serious issue, but they are actually good fun too and hugely empowering and healing. It took the birth of my daughter to give me the courage to attend but I need not have been scared because the team create a supportive and safe environment.

If I had been taught these simple self defence techniques at a young age, not 1 of the serious sexual assaults that have happened to me would have occurred and I could have avoided a traumatised childhood.  I can’t change the past but I can make a better future for our children.  I loved it so much I’m going back to her classes for more.  Want to join me on the next course in March?

To learn more about Action breaks silence Click here

For self defence courses in the UK Click here

If you want to see learn something right now, here is Debi in action…


The Chamomile Clinic wants to support the work of this charity so we are donating 10% of all profits made from sales of our tea range directly to Action Breaks Silence.

So if you want to feel great – DONATE – whilst having a cup of tea, how civilised!

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