We are re-igniting the monthly blog on inspirational women because we have so many awesome and inspiring female visionaries, leaders and teachers showing up right now – I am being inspired constantly by the rising power and confidence in women all over the world.

This month I came across a youtube video from the MOST inspirational women I have EVER met! I have spent a few bliss-filled days with this amazing Medicine women called Brooke Medicine Eagle. She is the REAL thing! Last summer – at the Glastonbury Goddess Conference, she speaks of the rise in feminine power. How we can become the most powerful versions of ourselves to lead the change that needs to happen in our world at this time.

Brooke speaks…

“We are in an incredible and challenging time on earth. We have been in the patriarchal realm for some say 6,00, some say 20-30,000 years. And basically it seems that that masculine energy which is so  lovely, so giving, providing, so protective, so caring, has degenerated into destruction and challenge of our climate.  I do not need to outline for you all the things that are wrong, that are challenging, I feel we are pushing ourselves against the edge of eliminating ourselves as a human family from this earth.  And so we have been left with a bit of a mess.

And in around 1993 the elders in America, the Hopi, elders from south America, elders from primary traditions all over the world had gatherings where they handed  the wands of power to the grandmothers. They said – NOW IS THE TIME OF THE FEMININE – IT IS YOUR TIME! It is too bad we got handed a time that were in such a mess! It would have been a lot more fun if we had been handed something different – but in fact that is what we have been given and I believe we have the power to make the difference…”

Learn how to reclaim your feminine power, learn how we can ALL, men and women, make a difference and watch the video here…


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