I have used herbs successfully for my own symptoms of anxiety – inherited from my dear Pappa and being a sensitive woman in a rather tough world.  More importantly, I have worked with many clients who suffer from anxiety that have found much solace and support in a simple cup of healing herbal tea, a tincture before bed to help them sleep (the best nightcap in the world) or a flower essence to heal a deeper spiritual wound, but the best soulution I have heard is about kratom powder, they say after they have it they instantly feel so much better .

Whatever your reason for feeling anxious, mother nature has a herb which will help you feel better, stronger & healthier!  The hardest part is knowing which one will work for you – and the choice is huge, we use over 5,000 herbs medicinally across the planet.  Here are a few of my favourites for you to try…

Lemon balm

A great herb for a garden or window box.  Plus it tastes delicious!  It grows like a weed – I am always giving self seeded plants away, and If you join us on our herb walk later in June, I am giving them away to all who want one for free.  Plus we will definitely be serving this fresh herbal tea at our tea party after the walk.

It is both calming and mildly euphoric, I find it lifts me from depression and calms me from anxiety.  I have had it described by one client as like a nice pint of beer without the hangover.


Very gentle and safe for all ages, my baby girl loves it!  I use the German variety in teas – Matricaria recutita.  Traditionally this herb is indicated for anger, anxious tummies, nightmares and soothing skin problems.  It is anti-inflammatory both internally and externally.  You can use fresh or dried  flowers in the bath, or add to very hot water for a facial steam if you are suffering from acne.  A must have for any Herb enthusiasts medicine cabinet!

Please buy organic – it has been known to be sprayed with DDT in some countries and then sold back to the UK market.


This is one stinky herb.  My little cat loves it – but my partner hates the smell.  I don’t use it as a tea because it tastes rather too powerful to enjoy, so I powder the herb and make capsules, or drink the tincture.  Take it about 1 hour before bed and you will sleep deeper and wake up refreshed with no hangover (unlike many OTC sleep aids).  Or if you are in a really stressful situation – take it during the day too to help you cope and stay calm.

Gotu kola

An Ayurvedic herb used in India to treat mental illness by calming the nervous system, detoxing the body and supporting circulation to the body and brain.  It is also thought to have a Ginseng like effect as an alterative it helps you adapt to stress.  An extremely versatile herb – it also has pain relieving, anti-biotic, laxative and detoxifying properties. Some success has been reported using this herb to treated cervical cancer and is said to help heal skin without scars.  It is fairly innocuous as a tea with little flavour so I tend to mix it with peppermint or rose and can be enjoy at any time of the day.  It is of course also available as a tincture and capsule too should that suit your requirements better.


If you are suffering from severe or chronic anxiety, or taking any medication it is always best to talk to your GP or a Medical Herbalist for advice before taking any herbs. Make sure they are adequately qualified and experienced in this field.  Anxiety can make it hard to think straight  so please do get in touch with me here at the Chamomile Clinic if you feel you need a bit more information, if I can help I will – if you need a referral I will suggest one.

Now keep calm & have a cup of tea, I know you will feel better for it!

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