Herbs have a long and well documented history to enhance both male and female fertility and encourage a healthy pregnancy. Although I could never encourage someone to use herbs for fertility without professional advice, I want to introduce you to 3 of my favourite herbs I use on a regular basis to help support fertility in women.

Herbs for Female Fertility

Raspberry leaf – one of the best known herbs for women, usually only taken by women during the last 6 months of pregnancy to help tonify the uterus for a smoother birth experience. It can be taken for menstrual difficulties too, as it helps to regulate the cycle and encourage healthy circulation to the pelvis. I have found it immensely useful in treating all causes of period pain, and it has a wonderfully regulating action on the cycle.

Shatavari – this herb originates from India, and contains natural phyto-oestrogens which help to maintain a healthy reproductive system. It can be used to encourage moistness in the body, encouraging the correct vaginal secretions for sperm to be able to swim to their destination. It helps creates the right environment for the fertility processes to be supported. It is also used to increase the production of breast milk.

Vitex agnus castus – this is a great herb for regulating the pituitary gland, the master endocrine gland which regulates all the hormones involved in fertility. It helps to regulate ovulation and menstruation creating a regular healthy cycle.  If you ovulate at the time your uterus is most ready to receive a fertilised egg around 14 days, this will help ensure the egg can implant more easily, and Vitex agnus castus is thought to help regulate this.

Quality of Herbs

Please source your herbs with quality in mind – either from a Herbalist, or a supplier you trust – not just the old health food shop at the end of the road which may have old stock or use a supplier which does not have quality at the top of their agenda.  When you buy herbs you are buying medicines – so make sure you have a good product to get a good result.

When to get a Professional Herbalists Help

Where there is a history of gynaecological problems such as painful periods, PCOS, or endometriosis, or you are a bit older and want increase your chances of success. Even if you are trying IVF a Herbalist could help you to holistically prepare the body and give you the best chances of success. You can find a local professional herbalist on the NIMH website, or get in touch with me (Sorrell) at the chamomile clinic for some herbal help. Some herbalists, like myself, have specialist training in fertility issues – apart from consultations at the Advanced Fertility, so it helps to check someone’s credentials if you want a specialist in this field too.

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