Herbal Medicine

thymeHerbal Medicine is the use of medicinal plants to treat disease, and to restore and maintain health. Herbs can help restore the correct functioning, strength and balance of all the body’s systems where they have become weakened.  When used correctly, plant medicines are an extremely safe way to restore health from side effects.

The number of sessions required varies depending on the client’s requirements.  During the first consultation we look at the complete history of an individual’s health and an assessment is made as to how we may help; initial perceptions on how long treatment may take, and how successful we can expect to be will be discussed.  A prescription of herbs will be developed for the client’s individual presentation.  This usually lasts for 1 hour.

Follow up consultations last up to an hour.  As the body heals its needs will change and we develop and alter the prescription to ensure we are working together in the right way, to suit your changing needs at all times.  The frequency of appointments varies but the usual pattern is 2 weeks after the first consultation, then 4 weeks, then 6 weeks, then if required it will extend up to as much as 3 months between appointments.

Home Visits available by appointment every day of the week.

Our prices

First appointment up to 90 minutes – £77.00

Follow up appointments  up to 60 minutes – £59.00

Skype or telephone follow up appointments – 60 minutes – £47.00

Herbal medicinal products

Tincture –  £20.00 per 200ml (approximately 2 weeks supply)

Capsules – £20.00 per 100 (approximately 2 weeks supply)

Dried herbs – £7.50 per 100g (approximately 2 weeks supply)

*Sometimes the price will vary if the herbs are expensive eg. rose or slippery elm, or if we source a product externally for you and their price is more than ours.

Creams – £8.00 per 60g, £12.00 per 120g, £30 per 500g

**Additional aromatherapy oils can be added to creams and will be charged for individually – please contact us for more details if required.

All products are sourced organically wherever possible.