Diet diaries and symptom tracking are a great way of managing and being mindful of your diet and how it affects you.  Its a lot of paperwork though – so I got to thinking there has to be an app for that! Of course a tiny bit of research has come up with a really cool App that tracks diet, sleep, stress, symptoms, medications, exercise, and anything else you fancy then configures it all into something that you can analyse easily – with charts and diagrams to make it really easy to ‘digest’.  It even creates a pdf of the diet and results you can send to your Nutritional therapist, Herbalist (or GP – if they are interested!).

I have  started using it, and i am managing to keep on top of the huge list of meals and snacks and drinks i eat all day (still breastfeeding so I eat a lot) with one hand while taking care of the little ones.  I really couldnt have managed an accurate diary like this on paper.

Even after a few days, just the act of being more mindful about my diet it has helped certain connections to become clear between diet and symptoms. I am now able to confidently test foods I have previously avoided and see which ones may be causing problems that I had not noted before.

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 12.56.21I am asking all my clients with any signs of intolerance or allergy to start using this app right now!  So here is the link…

I hope you like using it – and more importantly – I hope you enjoy the result – a happy healthier you – the natural way. It’s certainly my favourite diet diary and symptom tracking App.


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