Staying strong with herbal medicines from the garden & your kitchen cupboard

Now Coronavirus has reminded us that we need to and want to take care of ourselves and each other. Mama nature can help, and we can help ourselves too. In this post I share the wisdom of mama nature with you. I will share my personal favourite herbs for using at this time – to stay healthy & happy, to bring clarity and peace. We are stronger together!


Corona Virus

& Herbal medicine

As the situation unfolds and we understand the nature of the virus more clearly we can find herbs to match our needs – mother nature already knows what we need to transcend this time, it is up to us to listen to her voice of wisdom.

Many of the herbs you already have in your cupboard or can be purchased in local shops, have potential to heal and can become medicines in the right dosage. A few of my very helpful herbs can be found growing locally, as ‘weeds’ in our gardens.

Staying Calm in the Chaos

Stress affects the immune system negatively. We can stay healthier by staying calm. Feeling strong emotionally equates to being strong physically (and vice versa) and at the very least your attempts to feel stronger will feed into the strength of your whole being!


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Supporting your Mind

 Staying calm and strong with herbs can mean many things to many people. So lets look at the basics we may all be experiencing.

Loneliness – need a cuddle? Herbs which equate to a cuddle are Rose, Motherwort and of course Cacao. Rose is the most easy to use of the 3 and can be taken in many forms, syrup, tincture, tea, essential oil and infused oil. Take a bath in some rose scented bath products, eat a raw cacao treat, or both at the same time! Feel the spirit of rose lift you up, maybe so high you can see over the mountain top to the promised land beyond!

Frustration – feeling stuck and cant see away out? Try soothing the liver’s desire to go go go, do do do, with some teas which I normally recommend for hangovers – peppermint, chamomile, lemon balm and of course Cacao! All easy to find in the shops, and the mint family are all easy to grow, even on a window sill with a bit of light.

Confusion – WTF just happened? Its hard to imagine how we will transcend this time to create a better world – but we are being asked to stop and decide what we want next, when we do return to normal – what aspects of your old life do you want to keep and what will you release? My herbs of choice for clarity and finding new visions are Rosemary, Sage and of course Cacao! Drink as teas or add to foods. Rosemary connects us up with our old memories too, bringing back to your awakening consciousness hidden talents that may be useful at this time.

Panic & overwhelm – sometimes it is hard to escape the emotional horror stories on the news. It is easy to get taken over by panic and overwhelmed by this situation, especially as it feels like we have little control. Sometimes it would be nice to take the edge off reality – have some breathing space… my favourite herbs for this include: Lemon balm, Valerian and Passionflower. All 3 can be taken as teas or tincture. Valerian is a bit funky tasting, so I usually ask people to try it as a capsule – it is the closest thing to valium in the herb world and really takes the edge off a sometimes harsh reality. These herbs are easy to find in local health stores, pharmacies and also may be growing in your gardens.


Supporting your Body

 Skin – The body’s immune system is made up of layers, first we are wisely being advised to wash our skin – the first defense blocking entry to the virus. You can add antiviral herbal teas to your bath such as calendula, chamomile. Essential oils can be helpful too, tea tree and ravensara are very powerful antivirals but can irritate the skin so add just a few drops, and know washing is the best way for cleansing the skin of the virus. The deeper layers of our immune defenses can be supported with herbs.

Lymphatic system – keep your fluid levels up, drinking lots of clean water daily (or herbal teas). To keep the lymph tissue healthy and in flow through the body, drink teas of cleavers, calendula and sweet violet – easily foraged at this time and easily grown in the garden. The throat and tonsils will be the first to experience the COVID-19 virus if it gets past the first defenses of our skin. If you feel a sore throat beginning, gargle with antiviral teas or tinctures such as Sage, Thyme, Echinacea every 20 minutes to really give your body a chance to kill off the bug before it goes deeper into the lung tissue.

Lungs – The place the COVID-19 virus has been doing a lot of damage, causing the most serious complications. Stop smoking already! If you haven’t yet – call me for some hypnotherapy help, we can do this together virtually over 3-4 sessions. Strengthen and cleanse the lungs with lung tonics such as nettle, coltsfoot and plantain. These are all native to UK and can be foraged easily or purchased in health shops and online. Nettle makes a delicious alternative to spinach in cooking – but be sure to wear thick gloves when collecting, the sting goes once it has been cooked. Add some antivirals that help shift phlegm to your brews like Thyme and Lemon to prevent build up of sticky mucus. Inhale with steam and essential oils like eucalyptus to shift phlegm as an expectorant.

Immune boosters – the following herbs are immune tonics and some are antivirals too, we cannot say if they are specific at all to COVID-19, as no testing has been done. However, they are historically great performers and I trust their ability to moderate our immune function appropriately. Elder, Olive leaf, Thyme, Lemon Balm, Echinacea.


If you develop symptoms…

 If there are no complications we can treat this virus as if we had a common cold (and self isolate for 14 days):

1.Drink warming teas to keep fluids up. Support the immune function and tissues of the body – lymph & lungs most importantly. See lists of herbs above.
2. Support the fever – as hot temperatures slow down the virus’ ability to replicate – drink more warm teas – ginger, turmeric, even a bit of chilli in a tea can feel great (but only if you don’t get IBS from it)!
3. Use essential oils to help clear mucus build up, steam inhalations with eucalyptus and ravensara work really well.
4. Rest, rest and more rest.
5. Call a herbalist – if you feel you need more support/advice but don’t need a doctor.


In summary


Mama Nature has got some helpful herbal assistants ready to be a part of your journey to health and happiness, now and always. Be safe, but don’t be lonely – talk to people virtually if they are uplifters. Talk to the plants on your walks every day – and maybe, if you are quiet enough and listen they will start talking back to you!



Sorrell Robbins

Sorrell is a Modern Medicine Woman, with qualifications in Herbal medicine BSc(Hons), Hypnotherapy, Hypnobirthing, Aromatherapy, Massage, Healing, a Cacao ceremony leader and also a Shamanic Healer for over 20 years.

Sorrell has been working with plant based medicine for over 20 years and has trained with Doctors and Herbalists from India, Africa, Russia and Europe, plus Romany Gypsy shamans, Ecuadorian and Peruvian shamans, Native American Medicine women, British shamans and Wicca witches, but her best teachers were the plant people!