We make a special effort at this time of year to flavour our food with traditional Christmas herbs and spices, many of which have medicinal or health giving properties.

purple sageThe sage in your stuffing for example, is full of antioxidants, these help to clear up free radicals which cause damage to the cells of the body, essentially they have the potential to help you live a longer and healthier life – so eat up your stuffing.

red wineThere is always plenty of alcohol being served at Christmas, so when it is on offer choose to partake in some healthy Mulled wine. You have probably already heard reports of research demonstrating the benefits of a moderate amount of red wine protecting the heart. Suggesting it could help you live longer and stay healthy longer. The spices we use to make mulled wine also have medicinal properties, added to the wine to warm the body they stimulate circulation and digestion.

cinamonCinnamon has been used traditionally for treating type 2 diabetes for thousands of years and now science has proved it works, by lowering insulin levels.

gingerGinger has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-tumor properties. When we add orange juice to the mix it adds its own anti-oxidant properties, full of vitamin C.

grapeBut if you’re driving, had too much the night before, or pregnant, breastfeeding or simply t-total choose the non-alcoholic version made with  grape juice and know that your not missing out on the red wine as your heart will also be protected by the flavonoid content.

mistletoeAnd after a few glasses of the merry stuff, you may be lucky enough to get a kiss under the Mistletoe. While your kissing, spare a thought for this very clever plant, traditionally thought to be a hormonal herb with birth control properties – don’t try it please – there is no research behind this claim!  But it does have a more current and scientifically validated use with life preserving powers in treating many types of cancer.

Wishing you a Happy Herbal Christmas x

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