Baby Shiatu Treatments

Contentment the Japanese Way: BabyShiatsu® TenderTouch for a Happy Baby

BabyShiatsu® is based on traditional Japanese Shiatsu treatment approach and  is tailored to the needs of babies, combines Western and Eastern knowledge of child development  supports babies’ development: integrating motor, sensory & emotional growth  strengthens parent-child bonding

Baby Shiatsu is a unique way to support your baby’s development and complements other baby massage techniques. Baby Shiatsu can be done any time and anywhere, as the baby stays fully clothed. During individual sessions, I will teach you specific sequences to further support your baby at home.

If you feel your baby would benefit from individual sessions to help with specific issues, please get in touch – suitable for any baby from birth. Cost: £35 for 45 minutes.

Contact Svenja directly on 07842 563 298 or email

BabyShiatsu ® is a registered method www.karin-kalbantner- developed byGerman physiotherapist and international Shiatsu practitioner and teacher Karin Kalbantner- Wernicke. Click on EN in the left hand top corner for the English version.

Also see the book: Baby Shiatsu – Gentle Touch to help your baby thrive by Karin Kalbantner-Wernicke and Tina Haase, Singing Dragon publisher.

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