How to Make an Enquiry or Book an Appointment


Please call the Chamomile Clinic on 07814 430 690.


or alternatively contact the therapist you wish to see on their mobile number:


Sorrell Robbins 07814 430 690


You may also contact us by email on info@chamomileclinic.co.uk


When & How to Pay


We accept cash, cheques and bank cards. Bank transfers can be arranged, please contact Sorrell directly for bank details if you wish to pay using this method.

How to cancel an Appointment


Please check details of our cancellation policy and on how to cancel and appointment.  We have kept it on a separate page so you may easily print out a copy for your records.


Please be aware that the prices charged vary at the different centres we work from to keep inline with the venue’s policies. The prices listed on this website are the charges for the Chamomile Clinic, CT9 2HS.