Some of the more common causes of period pain I see in my clinic include polycystic ovarian disease, fibroids and endometriosis. These are linked to hormonal imbalances and imbalances in the way the reproductive tissue grows and develops. Sometimes we may never receive an official diagnosis that explains our  monthly pain, but there is always something we can do to support the health of the gynaecological system.

Herbs for period pain

Herbalists use herbs like Vitex agnus castus to help regulate hormones naturally. Herbs can also improve the circulation through the tissues to support the correct growth and repair of damaged tissue e.g. raspberry leaf and yarrow. And there are herbs which can reduce inflammation alleviating the associated pain e.g. Calendula and Chamomile.

I always advise working with a Qualified Herbalist with any chronic or hormonal condition. A good Herbalist will help you understand which herbs to use for your condition, plus suggest other dietary or lifestyle changes to support your recovery and path to better health.

Getting professional help

Dysmenorrhea can be difficult to self treat, with the complexity of the hormonal system, and as the process can take several months to show really good results. Consulting a professional will help you get better results, faster and results which last longer too. To find a herbalist contact me at the chamomile clinic, or use the nimh website.

Aromatherapy for period pain

Aromatherapy can give good symptomatic relief especially where the pain is spasmodic in nature. Essential oils can be effective in calming and relaxing the mind as well as moderating muscular contraction of the uterine tissues during a period. You can try using essential oils in a bath or as part of a massage blend. Therapeutic massage also has much to offer, getting a massage once a month just as your period is due can help the circulation and relax the muscles so the degree of pain experienced can be lessened.

Choosing essential oils for pain relief

One of my favourite essential oil blends for period pain includes: Roman chamomile, Everlasting, Neroli & Lavender. In a teaspoon of massage oil (or sunflower oil if you don’t have any) add 1 drop of each essential oil and massage into the abdomen and lower back area. A word of warning against using Clary sage for all those with fibroids and heavy periods, it tends to make the bleeding heavier despite being a great pain reliever so avoid unless your periods are light. These essential oils can be an expensive initial outlay, but you can get your friendly local Aromatherapist to make up a blend for you which you can store and use for 6 months.

A Word of Caution if Pregnant

And of course do not use any herbal medicines or essential oils if you suspect you may be pregnant without first consulting a professional.

When chocolate isn’t enough

So ladies don’t suffer in silence, if chocolate and a hot water bottle isn’t enough to fix your period problems please get in touch if you have any questions or would like to see me for a consultation.

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