Here are my personal top 5 Herbs for a Love Potion chosen for their ability to enhance beauty, love, passion, confidence and stamina, not necessarily required in that order!Herbs have long been used in the art of seduction. Have you ever wondered which ones might work?  You may have seen the reputed ‘Horny Goat weed’ on the shelves at Boots when popping in for a Paracetamol.

Here are my personal top 5 Herbs for a Love Potion chosen for their ability to enhance beauty, love, passion, confidence and stamina, not necessarily required in that order!

schisandra_berries1. Beauty – Schisandra berry, Schisandra chinensis

Keeps you moist ladies – and that means your skin stays looking younger for longer.  Also used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) as a good herb for menopausal hot flushes and generally as a tonic to boost energy and stay youthful.  It makes a delicious sweet and sour berry flavour tea – similar to cranberry.

rosa damascena2. Love – Rose, Rosa damascena

Try it as a tea and you may be pleasantly surprised at the taste of Turkish delight.  I add a few drops of rose tincture (not the oil) to red wine to give it a love potion quality.  It is thought to open the heart and help let love in – especially when a heart has been hurt before and is a little timid to open up again.  As an essential oil it works beautifully with a massage, or a few drops in a romantic bath.

Cardamom pods3. Passion – Cardamon, Cardamomum zeylanicum

This herbs enhances our passion by raising our temperature and getting the blood circulating!  It has been used for centuries as an aphrodisiac.  I like to blend the essential oil with frankincense in a massage blend or add a few drops in a bath.

Damiana_Leaf_review4. Confidence – Damiana, Turnera diffusa

Another herb I like to add to red wine – and share that loving feeling and to help you flirt with more confidence. The tea is delicious and has a slightly peppery taste, I enjoy it blended with rosemary first thing in the morning instead of coffee.  It is known as a nervine tonic and is useful wherever there is a need to build up a persons nervous system.  As a love potion it is especially helpful if we have had a bad experience in our love lives, that has knocked our confidence, and we need a bit of help getting back up again – if you know what I mean.

Withania radix5. Stamina – Ashwaganda, Withania somnifera

A bit like an Indian version of ginseng – this herb has traditionally been used to help improve your stamina, but also calms the mind of anxiety and can improve your libido – surely qualifying it as a fine herb for a love potion.  It is so soothing,  I often use this herb in a blend with Valerian to help me sleep, as it calms an over-thinking mind marvelously.

A final cautionary note…

These herbs are all safe to use for healthy people, but if you are not sure if you can use them safely, or have  health issues you need to discuss, particularly if you are on any medications, please get in touch with a Medical Herbalist via the nimh website or with myself at the Chamomile Clinic for more support.




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