I often recommend books to my clients if they need emotional support outside of my expertise. I also find it a really useful way to challenge my own brain to change to a more functional way of thinking and generally become a happier healthier person.

Here is a short selection of 5 books to change your life forever. I have tried to provide a mix of books on different subjects – perhaps you will find them helpful too:

feel_the_fear_and_do_it_anyway (1)1. Feel the fear and do it anyway – Susan Jeffers

One of the first self help books I ever read.  A very easy read with short chapters and little challenges to try along the way to help you feel the fear and do it anyway.  It provides insights and tools to help you will feel a lot less fearful by the end of the book.  A great starter if you have not read any self help books before.



why love matters2. Why Love Matters – Sue Gerhardt

A beautifully written book about how love and nurturing during the first 6 months of our lives shapes our ability to be balanced individuals who can cope with stress.  Many of us are not feeling that well balanced and wonder why we are different and struggle in a situation where other people may be fine.  Our stress response is formed at this very young age and we will have no memory of it, but we feel it still on a subconscious level.  This book helped me develop more compassion towards myself for my own stress responses and also other people for their mistakes.


betty dodson sex for one3. Sex for one – Betty Dodson

Betty Dodson is an 80 something lady form New York that has been teaching people how to enjoy their bodies since the 70’s – she knows a lot about it.  I read this book to challenge my perspectives on sex and masturbation.  I also wanted to find a way to talk to my children about sex in a healthy way so they don’t get the weird sexual messages I was brought up with.  She has also written sex for two – so couples don’t miss out!


zen-and-the-art-of-running-the-path-to-making-peace-with-your-pace-200x200-imad9yqgu7phbkzu4. The Zen Art of Running – Larry Shapiro

A book for runners at any stage, whether you are a beginner or an experienced marathon runner.  Using the buddhist mindful approach this book explains how to get in the Zen zone whilst running.  It inevitably changes your thinking and starts to affect all other aspects of your life.  Now I am running (not sitting calmly which is also very nice) towards enlightenment!


Herbal Remedies Dummy Cover_Layout 15. Herbal Remedies – Sorrell Robbins

As a Herbalist, I have to recommend 1 Herbal medicine book. I honestly couldn’t think of one better than my own, and there are hundreds choose from.  The book is written for anyone interested in herbs for healing – for the total novice, or those with a bit of experience who want to build their knowledge base and become more confident in using herbs.  It will help you understand your body better and how to chose the right herbs for you with suggestions for dosage and blends.  If you want more control of your health and more power to heal yourself – this book is a great start.

Where to buy?

If any of these books look like they may work for you I have made it as simple as possible – here are the links to Amazon’s website.

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