13 Moons – A Healing Journey around the Medicine Wheel

13 Moons of advanced shamanic healing.  

A year of powerful healing and self discovery, and a life changing journey around the Medicine Wheel. 

Begin your 13 moon shamanic healing journey with the loving guidance of experienced teacher and healer Sorrell Robbins BSc(Hons), PGCE, MNIMH,

Plant Spirit Medicine Woman, Medical Herbalist, Hypnotherapist, Cacaoista & Shamanic Healer 

January 2021 – January 2022

13 Moons – A Healing Journey Around the Medicine Wheel 

  The Medicine Wheel is a healing tool, often used in ceremonies, teachings and forms a basis for the spiritual practices of the Native people of North America.  It is a representation of the interconnectedness of all things, from the microcosmic to the macrocosmic. It can be used as a map for our personal journey through the cycles and spirals of life. It can be helpful as a healing tool, to see where we stand in relation to all things, and which path to take. It is also used in therapy for understanding our patterns of health, harmony and dis-ease and to see where to focus and how to assist ourselves on the path to healing.

During our 13 moons, we walk the path around the medicine wheel together, with the intention of healing our mind, body and spirit. By journeying around the medicine wheel, connecting with each direction and experiencing how it relates to our lives, we can make changes that bring balance, harmony and healing to our lives. Sometimes on this path, because it quite literally challenges you to focus your vision in new directions, we heal in unexpected and delightful ways, that other healing paths may not awaken you to. 

By walking the path of the medicine wheel and engaging in healing practices, like meditation, shamanic journeying, sound healing, herbal medicines and ceremony we are able to find practical ways to heal and transform ourselves into lighter, brighter, freer, happier souls. We can release the past, and find our confidence increasing, as we shake off the fears and traumas of our life and the epigenetic wounds of our ancestors, through deep healing that shamanic traditional healing methods utilise.

We welcome you each month to our New Moon meetings in our Moon Lodge, a sacred space,  based at the Chamomile Clinic in Margate. 





Let us begin our healing

journey around

the medicine wheel

Limited to 5 participants. No previous experience necessary.

DUE to COVID related social distancing issues – we wish to make you safe and comfortable, so we are limiting this sacred hoop circle to just 5 participants this year.

We meet on a Tuesday at 9.30am till 2.30pm, which allows for 4.5 hours for healing and learning and a 30 minute break for lunch.

The commitment is for 1 year and 2 weeks, as we will meet 13 times to work with the energy of 13 moons.

All sessions will be held as close as possible to the new moon except for our last ceremony will be held on a full moon – to mark the completion of our year long journey together and to celebrate our healing journey in sacred ceremony.

Exact dates are listed below.

We will be based at the Chamomile Clinic in Margate, working indoors and also with as much time as possible time outside connecting within nature. 

To join us in circle for 2021, I invite you to connect with me, just let me know you are interested and perhaps a little about the path you are on, so I can be of service to you as your guide on this magical path around the medicine wheel.


Our Moon Meetings

Your 2021 Journey Around the Medicine Wheel brief… 

January 13th – Connection to Great Spirit, divination & mirror work, protection

February 10th– The East, fire and light, connecting with power animals, rebirthing ceremony

March 10th – The South – water, cleansing old destructive beliefs, epigenetic healing

April 21st– West, earth element, boundaries and authenticity, breaking ties that bind.

May 12th – North, Air & clarity, tuning into our spirit guides and channels to wisdom.

June 9th – Connecting to earth Allies, Plant spirit medicine, flower essence making 

July 7th – Healing our female lineage, epigenetics, celebrating the nurturing spirit within us. Healing our relationship with women in our lives.

August 4th –  Healing the male lineage, epigenetics, celebrating the warrior spirit within us. Healing our relationship with men in our lives.

September 8th – Connecting to mama earth, Mandala ceremony, healing our relationship with Earth, the allies, and our own body.

October 6th – Ancestor healing, channelling, connecting with those who have passed through the veil, processing grief and fear, resting in the infinite, surrendering to the cycle of life.

November 3rd – Connecting to Father Sky, divine inspiration, aura gazing, healing with sound, gong, drums, singing bowls, rattles and voice.

December 1st – Dream work, creating a personal practice of visioning for personal growth and healing transformation that works for your life. Soul retrieval and recovering from trauma from any lifetime!

2022 January FULL MOON COMPLETION CEREMONY – working with moon energy, using your medicine wheel as an alter, a healing tool and a source of wisdom. How to live  in harmony with the moon cycle – a vision for health, harmony, peace and bliss on earth!

Our Moon Meetings 

The gifts within the journey

Each New Moon we come together to connect and reflect on our journey, to inspire each other and to assist each other as we heal our past, deepen your relationship with yourself and spirit, cultivating a harmonious joyful life.

The sources of this shamanic wisdom are eclectic, based on more than 25 years of study and commitment to shamanic healing work. Sorrell has taken the best aspects of all her teachings and created a path which is transformational, enlightening and extremely enjoyable!

We will be utilising ancient healing methods, that can affect us on a deep psychological, energetic and often physical level. All made safe and simple, easy and accessible with the healing guidance of an experienced practitioner and teacher.


Practical methods to connect to the source within you, tuning into your higher self and great spirit.

Learning how to protect yourself in sacred space,

Journeying beyond this material reality into the spirit realm

Connecting with spirit guides and power animals

Working with the plant people and stone people as spirit allies

Making healing energy medicines from plants and stones

Developing awareness of our own energy body and our interaction with energies around us

Divination techniques

Healing our epigenetics

Cultivating self love and grounding techniques

Channelling our ancestors wisdom

Energy cleansing techniques

Working with sound to alter consciousness

Creating a sound healing ceremony with drum, gong, rattles and soul singing

The power of gratitude and creating ceremonies as celebrations

Soul retrieval 


Sharing the ancient wisdom for living in harmony with the moon, the earth and all our relations

Creating your own Medicine Wheel also known as a Sacred Mesa as a tool for your shamanic practice.

Creating your own Medicine Wheel & Sacred Mesa

During each session, on our ceremonial healing moon days, I will be guiding you to create your own personal Medicine Wheel, traditionally also called a Mesa or Medicine Bundle, containing 13 sacred stones you will source from wild spaces, representing the directions and the allies we are calling upon during our 13 moon journey. Plus 1 stone you will receive from me as your lineage stone, representing your connection to source, Great spirit, which I will choose once we have met and I am able to divine the source of your stone, it will be chosen uniquely for you.

These sacred stones we gather will be infused with healing energy during each ceremony and will become part of your tool kit for self healing, divination, and connection to spirit. This is a memoir and a map, to remind you of how far you have come in life, a reminder of your gifts, personal visions and messages from spirit and a guide to which steps to take next to expand further, to manifest your future dreams!

This journey around the Medicine Wheel is a year of powerful healing and self discovery, and these amazing ancient authentic teachings will last you a lifetime.


Financial Flow

Traditionally this shamanic healing and tuition 1-2-1 would cost around 5 times as much. But by working together in a sacred circle we are able to collectively reduce the costs. Saving you over £2,500 for a year of amazing healing and shamanic teachings that will last you a lifetime!

I can also offer payment plan to assist you, should you need it.


PER PERSON = £780 (if paid in FULL by 21st December 2020)



DEPOSIT £320 (paid by 21st December to secure your place),

followed by 5 payments of £100 to be received by 21st of each following month – January, February, March, April, May, and have then no more payments to make for the rest of the year.

How to pay?

A direct bank transfer is easiest for us, but cash/cheque/paypal is also accepted. Please get in touch via email for the correct payment details and to secure your place.

My Intentions in creating our Sacred Hoop

May I begin and end with my intentional sanskrit incantation for this year of shamanic transformational experiences: 

“Lokāḥ Samastāḥ Sukhino Bhavantu”

Which means: may all beings be happy and free, and may my life contribute to this happiness and freedom.

Let yourself remember who you are, take a journey with me around the medicine wheel. Be who you were born to be, happy and free!

Venue & other FAQs

We will be based at the Chamomile Clinic in Margate, working indoors and also with as much time as possible time outside connecting with nature, on the beach with Mama ocean, Grandfather sun amongst the meadow flowers, in the forests, communing with Grandmother moon and the stars at different points of our year.

What if something comes up between sessions?

Please know I am here for you all month long if things need attending to, we do not have to wait, you can book a 1-2-1 session separately to the group work. Chats are always free – I am here for you – but more deep healing work may need to be booked in as a shamanic healing and be paid for in addition.

What if I cannot attend every session?

If you are unable to attend any of the sessions, although I ask you intend to attend at least 10 to be a part of this circle, I will personally provide you the supporting time for up to 3 sessions at no extra cost, separate to the group so you can stay in alignment with this year long transformation process. However, if you miss more than 3 sessions, extra time provided will be charged for at an hourly rate of £50 per hour.

Who is this group work for?

This group work is for all, no previous experience required. This is for you if you wish to heal, transform and connect to this blissful shamanic path where you will discover your own personal shamanic vision through ancient shamanic processes, plant spirit medicine and meditation. I will show you where to look, but not what to see. I will help you interpret the signs, and assist you in releasing resistance and blocks to manifest your version of bliss!

Come join me as we journey into new dimensions of spiritual bliss and bring these stories back to assist your path here on Mama Earth – she loves you and is calling you to work in harmony with her now.

I hope to hear from you soon if you are interested – first date will be January 2020, and we end in January 2021.

Places are limited so get in touch asap to avoid disappointment.

Accommodation is available, we host via Airbnb. Please contact us for more details if this is of interest.

Daily Programme

9.30 am – WELCOME. Arrive and settle in to our sacred ceremony space.

We will begin our day sharing herbal teas infused with plant spirit medicine to enhance our shamanic visions and step into healing mode. 

While we drink tea we have a talking circle to ground ourselves, and become present.

10.30am Medicine Wheel teachings for the day.

The mornings are for personal work and reflection, often using journeying and journalling to develop our understanding of the medicine wheel. There may be a healing gong bath or a drum journey – always something that will deepen your connection to spirit and bring deep healing. 

12.30 LUNCH, we take time out to nourish ourselves!

1.00PM deeper healing work ensues – working individually or supporting each other by pairing up and sometimes as a group to heal ourselves and each other. I will be teaching you shamanic methods of healing such as soul retrieval, past life connections, rebirthing, ancestor healing, sound healing, divination and how to channel spiritual wisdom for yourself and others.

2.30 finish for the day – optional homework will be provided to enhance your transformation.


Sorrell Robbins

Sorrell is a Modern Medicine Woman, with qualifications in Herbal medicine BSc(Hons), Hypnotherapy, Hypnobirthing, Aromatherapy, Massage, Healing, a Cacao ceremony leader and also a Shamanic Healer for over 20 years.

Sorrell has been working with plant spirit medicine and shamanism for over 20 years and has trained with Doctors and Herbalists from India, Africa, Russia and Europe, plus Romany Gypsy shamans, Ecuadorian and Peruvian shamans, Native American Medicine women, British shamans and Wicca witches, but her best teachers were the wild spirits of the universe!

During this year of transformative healing she will hold space and guide you, show you where to look but not what to see, for us to all commune with spirit, and transform through shamanic processes to assisting your remembering who you truly are. Grounding you on the shamanic path, as we cross the rainbow bridge into blissful harmony with all our relations.  The spirits of the wild universe are waiting to teach you how to listen and how to access their healing gifts.

This is not just 13 moons of self-healing, spiritual awakening, and transformation, this medicine will help your entire life blossom exponentially!